Income Tax Prep Assistance

In order to serve our community during this extended tax season, we added additional clinics to our Madison Home Office and our Fitchburg Career Center. Please Note: At this time all appointments are filled. Walk-ins cannot be accepted.

If you already have an appointment, we are providing Same-Day Valet service. This includes meeting briefly with a volunteer to drop off your tax paperwork and returning the same day after your return has been completed.  We anticipate that returns can be completed in about 1 hour. We will call you as soon as your return is ready for pick-up and review with a tax preparer.

In order to serve you, the included paperwork needs to be completed and brought with you to your appointment.  Please let us know if you are unable to print and need us to mail you the documents.

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or are unable to attend your appointment please cancel by calling 608-246-3140 ext. 1155 or email


Of Note: As you may have heard, there will be payments of up to $1,200 ($2,400 for joint filers) with an additional $500 per qualifying child. The majority of recipients will have to do nothing to receive their payments. For those who have not filed tax returns recently or did not have direct deposits IRS is instituting processes. The following IRS link will be updated with the most current information:


Through Goodwill SCWI’s volunteer income tax assistance program known as VITA, trained volunteers provide FREE valuable tax assistance to low-income workers and individuals They help prepare income tax returns, answer questions and refer taxpayers to other resources as needed. Your local Goodwill provides this free tax preparation assistance in partnership with the IRS and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

With the help of over 30+ local volunteers, Goodwill SCWI’s 2019 VITA program grew over 40%. Volunteers dedicated over 700 hours as they prepared taxes for their neighbors and community members. Hundreds of individuals and families took advantage of this program. Learn more about the program and it’s past work that is dedicated to helping individuals right here in South Central Wisconsin.