What is Goodwill's mission?
Who does Goodwill help?
How does Goodwill help these individuals?
What else does Goodwill do?
How do Goodwill's services impact lives?


Is Goodwill a not-for-profit organization?
Is Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin part of a larger organization?
Which counties are included in Goodwill’s service area?


What are Goodwill’s sources of revenue?
How much of every dollar of revenue goes toward administrative costs?


Why should I donate to Goodwill?
Which items does Goodwill accept as donations?
Are there particular items that Goodwill cannot accept?
Where are Goodwill’s donation centers located?
Are there any other places where donations can be dropped off?
Does Goodwill accept cash donations?
Are donations tax deductible?


Why should I shop at Goodwill?
Where are Goodwill stores located?
Does Goodwill sell goods online?
What is your return policy?
Does the sale of donated goods generate much revenue for Goodwill?
What happens to donated goods that don’t sell?


How did Goodwill get started?
What is Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin’s history?