We’re looking for GOOD people like you!

If you are looking for a way to make an impact in our local community and are interested in joining our Supported Employment team, we’d love to connect. Flexible positions with plenty of perks are available.

Through our Supported Employment program, adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment build confidence, skills and independence through meaningful jobs, with job coaches providing one-on-one support at no cost to the employer or participant.


Supported employment is integrated community employment in which individuals with disabilities receive services and long-term support to maintain employment. This nationally recognized approach helps people with barriers to work in finding and maintaining meaningful employment in our community.

Participants in Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin’s Supported Employment program receive ongoing individualized support from Goodwill staff so that they can experience pride, belonging and independence through the power of work.


We partner with over 100 local employers to build a more inclusive workplace. By hiring Supported Employment program participants that are assisted by Goodwill staff, employers benefit from reduced turnover and training costs while expanding their workforce with enthusiastic team members. Our long term relationships and track record of success with Supported Employment job placement at local businesses underscore the many benefits of this program – it’s truly a win-win!


SKILLS ASSESSMENT: The Supported Employment program participant completes a comprehensive skills assessment to be matched appropriately with an employer. The program participant becomes a member of your staff, earning minimum wage or more.

WORKSITE ACCOMPANIMENT: Your Supported Employment team member is accompanied at the worksite by Goodwill staff. Flexibility is built into the program, with participants working from one to 40 hours per week.

SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING: Goodwill staff provide additional training and supervision as needed to ensure success at no cost to the employer.

Contact us today to learn more about partnering with Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin’s Supported Employment Program.

“Heather’s contributions at work are just as important as the positive spirit she brings to the office every week. She lifts people up and plays an important role in maintaining an inclusive and supportive workplace culture”

Supported Employment Job Site Partner
“Greg is part of our team. Having him working here sends a strong message to our employees, customers and business partners that we are living out our commitment to the community. It reminds us all that our business is about people.”
President & CEO
Local Insurance Company
“It’s so important for young children to see the various ways that people communicate and to have Teresa here with her different communication methods is such a wonderful opportunity for the kids that are visiting.”

Early Learning Manager,
Madison Children’s Museum