Live. Work. Thrive.

Our mission comes to life every day with our dedicated team helping people in our community to live, work, and thrive through housing, employment, and supportive services. Neighbors like Teresa find joy, connection and belonging at work through our employment programs, while community members like Rodriguez benefit from safe, stable housing through our residential services.

Our deepest purpose is to help people in our community experience the good that life can offer. We are honored to support so many amazing individuals in overcoming barriers to housing and work through our community programs and supportive services – their outcomes and success stories represent our mission in action.


Having lived with his stepmother for many years, Darren did not have experience living on his own and needed a safe place with reliable support to help him manage his diabetes and mental health. After living at Goodwill’s Northport Group Home for six months, Darren gained skills to independently manage his health concerns and was able to successfully transition to his own apartment with Goodwill’s support.


Sedona began her journey with Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin after high school. With support from Goodwill job coaches and staff, she has gained skills and confidence to work and thrive at her local employer. Her mother says, “I ask Sedona almost daily what made her happy today. And few things make me smile more than hearing her reply ‘I did a really good job at my job today, Mom!’ She is so proud to be able to navigate the nuances of her job with tutelage from her Goodwill case manager and the rest of the amazing team.”


Rodriguez, a single father, has a stable place to call home at one of Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin’s subsidized apartments. Unable to keep his two full-time jobs after moving to Wisconsin from Georgia, he became homeless for several months without a support system. His greatest gift is spending time with his daughter again in safe, affordable housing. 


Brittany has worked at Edgewood College since 2013. Outgoing and cheerful, she approaches every day at work with a smile. As a dishwasher, she is an important part of the foodservice team and loves the camaraderie with her coworkers.