Community Housing

Group Homes

At each of our three group homes,  individuals with chronic mental illness receive the support they need to learn the skills necessary to successfully live on their own. These are individuals who typically have been institutionalized or homeless prior to their referral to a group home.

Each home is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With support from our trained staff, residents prepare to move into a more independent setting following their short stay at the group home.

We are proud that CARF, an internationally recognized accreditor of health and human service providers, has accredited us for our group home services.

Supportive Apartment Living

We own eight apartment buildings that provide permanent and affordable housing to low-income senior citizens and individuals with mental illness. With a federal subsidy from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, tenants set aside one-third of their income as rent to live in these quality apartments.

Each building has an on-site property manager. The manager resides in one of the units in order to provide support to our tenants so they continue to live independently in the community as a good neighbor.

Today we have 74 apartment units in Madison and surrounding areas.


For more information about our housing services, please contact our Director of Residential Services, Elena Golden (email or call 608-246-3140, ext. 141).