Let’s Taco ‘bout the Kitchen

Today’s get organized motivation is brought to you by the kitchen. How do you get honest with yourself to see what you really use and need (and what you could let go of to create more space)?

Put a small piece of masking tape on every single item in your kitchen. When it comes time to use it, take the tape off. Anything that still has tape on it in 3 months has donation potential. If it still has tape in 6 months, it’s time to let go!

Want instant gratification for a clutter-free kitchen? Easy! Check your utensils and remove duplicates. Take out all your mugs and drinkware from the cabinet and only put back the ones you use and love. Do an quick appliance audit for gadgets that take up too much room (while gathering dust). Rest easy knowing that your kitchen wares will have a second chance to be enjoyed after you drop them off at your local Goodwill.