Declutter in 4 easy steps

There’s no better time for a fresh start than the new year. If you’ve resolved to declutter this winter, follow these four simple steps courtesy of our friend Trista of Third Eye Tidy and enjoy a clean, clear space in 2024.

Step 1: Visualize an ideal lifestyle – How do you want your home to feel? Calm, energized, welcoming, family friendly? Set your intention to create this feeling in your space while you declutter.

Step 2: Choose a category (not a room) to declutter – Pick one type of item to sort through, e.g. clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, books, and kitchen/pantry supplies. Gather all items from your chosen category into one space before sorting, and keep decluttering until all categories in your home are complete.

Step 3: Consider how each item makes you feel. As you sort through your items, spend a moment to consider how each one makes you feel (happy and uplifted or guilty and burdensome?). If you are excited about the piece and know you will use it, it stays. If it doesn’t bring a smile to your face or serve an important purpose, it’s time to let it go.

Step 4: Donate what you don’t love. Your closet cleanout can make a big difference in how you feel AND can make a positive impact in our local community. When you bring your donations to Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin, you help provide stable housing and employment support for people with disabilities and other barriers in our local community.