Community Room

Goodwill’s Northside store, 2901 N. Sherman Avenue in Madison, boasts a dedicated community room space that was included in the new store at the request of local elected officials. It accommodates up to 30 people and may be reserved for community meetings and activities.

The Goodwill Northside Community Room is a designated polling place for Ward 32 on the Northside. On election days, the store extends its operating hours to coincide with polling hours, choosing to open the store early for shopping as well.

The Community Room quickly became a favorite of Northside residents and organizations. Use of the room is offered by Goodwill SCWI at no charge to community members.

“Each of our retail stores is operated with the local community in mind,” says Goodwill SCWI president and CEO Vicki Holschuh. “So we believe our Northside location has a powerful part to play in the stated goals of the Northside Initiatives, particularly as they relate to stability in employment and community connection.”

To build on that community connection, Goodwill SCWI commissioned public art by students at Malcolm Shabazz City High School. The students, under the direction of Shabazz art teacher Rachel Schramm, created a mural for the community room that reflects the cultural heritage of the neighborhood and Goodwill’s guiding principles.

For more information about reserving the Community Room, please contact Jill Carlson at