America Recycles Day

November 15th is America Recycles Day and Matthew Darga, our Director of Facilities & Sustainability, has four easy suggestions on how to make earth friendly choices a habit:

• DIY more often. Rethink and repurpose what you already have before buying something new – there are so many creative resources for upcycling inspiration, including books, blogs, videos, and social media dedicated to the topic.

• Fix it, don’t ditch it! Thanks to YouTube, you can find instructions on how to repair just about anything.

• Declutter and donate. Keep only what you really need and drop off what you no longer use at one of our local donation centers. Secondhand items are given another chance to be enjoyed while staying out of landfills.

• Thrift and gift. Shift the script on gift-giving and reduce waste with thrifted presents and repurposed cloth for wrapping.

Every year, Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin keeps millions of pounds of clothing, electronics and household items out of landfills through responsible recycling and materials management. Thank you for being part of the GOOD!