Your Valentine’s Day Shopping Checklist

Take the pressure off this Valentine’s Day with a foolproof downloadable shopping checklist. You won’t disappoint and you won’t break the bank. With just a little creativity and some classic Valentine charm, you’re sure to be a hit this year. We’ll focus on three shopping categories and supply you with an easy checklist!

Let’s start with the basics. In order to have a romantic dinner at home, you’ll need to create an inviting table:

– Wineglasses

– Place settings

– Tablecloth

– Candle holders

– Vase for flowers

– Dessert dishes

Don’t get overwhelmed. These common household items are more than affordable at your Goodwill SCWI locations. THRIFT TIP: find one piece that speaks to you and keep the rest of the items in that same design. Let’s say you’ve found a crystal flower vase – keep adding to the glass theme with glass candle holders, glass sundae bowls. A matching or monochromatic look will help you cross things off your shopping list quickly.

You’ve got your table looking top notch. Now it’s your turn to tune up your wardrobe. Let’s face it – its winter in Wisconsin. You might be feeling pale or just needing a dose of spring time. A new outfit that fits you right and makes you feel great is just what you need. Here are two timeless looks to give you confidence and boost your spirits.

Women, keep your eyes peeled for a classic Wrap Dress. This simple style is flattering on so many body types. It’s designed to accentuate your best features with a cinched in natural waist in a soft, flowing fabric. You can also recreate this silhouette by tucking a V-neck or buttoned blouse in a high-waisted skirt. Again, no need to feel panic! Look for fabrics and colors that speak to you. When something stands out, keep the rest of your wardrobe connected to that same theme. Once you’ve established that, find the shoes and accessories to match. You can do it!

Men, I believe the famous line by Plato reads “everybody’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man”. OK, maybe it wasn’t Plato…but you get the point. You need to feel elevated in your look too! And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Keep the lines simple with a well-fitted blazer, oxford shirt and slimming pants. Check out these easy inspiration looks. Another THRIFT TIP: consider tailoring. You might find a really high quality blazer that is just a hair too large. With Goodwill’s affordable pricing, you can use the money you’ve saved to get the look custom tailored to you.

Don’t overlook this last mood setting must-have. How surprised would your loved one be by the smooth sounds of a romantic record? Go old school and check out the record section at your Goodwill SCWI. Whether it makes you feel nostalgic, trendy or unique, you can’t go wrong with music! And a little romantic comedy never hurt anyone either. Really cut the cord and go straight for the DVDS. Spring for some romantic comedies and have your sweetheart choose their favorite. They’ll feel honored to pick the film.

– Vintage Record

– DVD’s

Now that’s what we call a #GoodwillDateNight. Don’t break the bank, be creative! Now you are officially armed with the foolproof Valentine’s Day shopping checklist. Get everything you need to throw a romantic night in at your Gooodwill SCWI.