Supported Employment

A fundamental principle at Goodwill of South Central WI is that everyone can work.

Goodwill SCWI’s Supported Employment program is praised by partners who call it “the best employment service in the state.”

Goodwill SCWI works with individuals whose disabilities create significant barriers to employment. Each participant is carefully interviewed and assessed before being partnered with a local employer. The employer’s regular training and supervision is supplemented by Goodwill staff — at no cost to the employer — with ongoing support and coaching from certified staff.

The employment options for supported individuals are varied and developed in partnership with employers. Employees may work anywhere from one to 40 hours per week.

All employees earn minimum wage or higher.

The benefits of work are documented in countless peer-reviewed studies with unanimous agreement that work:

  • challenges us and gives us the means to enrich ourselves
  • gives us a sense of pride, identity and personal achievement
  • enables us to socialize, build contacts and find support
  • generates income to support ourselves and explore our interests
  • generally improves physical and mental health – most employees recover from sickness quicker and are at less risk of long term illness and incapacity

Sedona has confidence with support from Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin


Goodwill SCWI’s 2017 CARF re-accreditation summary noted:

“The supported employment program is led by a team of experienced professionals who have been successful in building relationships with local businesses [leading to] employment opportunities for clients formerly thought of as unlikely candidates for competitive employment.”

Supported Employment helps local employers save recruitment and training costs, reduce turnover (average job retention for SE participants is more than 8 years), expand and diversify their workforce and find the enthusiastic workers they are looking for. In turn, employers help individuals with disabilities attain their goals of greater independence.

Individuals are currently referred to Goodwill by the Dane County Developmental Disabilities Unit within the Human Services Department and the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are interested in learning more about our Supported Employment services or would like to employ an individual through our program, please contact our  Program Manager, Susan Kozar (e-mail or call 608-246-3140, ext. 1176).