Supported Employment Services

Through our Supported Employment program, we carefully assess the skills of each participating area individual with significant disabilities and match him or her to a local employer. Goodwill staff then supplement the employer’s regular training and supervision — at no cost to the employer — until the employee’s performance meets expectations.

Supported individuals do clerical, assembly, food service or janitorial work, serve as messengers or stockers, work in mailrooms or perform other duties. Hours worked per week range from one to 40. All employees earn minimum wage or higher. The average length of employment for persons placed through our program is over seven years.

Supported Employment helps local employers save recruitment and training costs, reduce turnover, expand and diversify their workforce and find the enthusiastic workers they are looking for. In turn, employers help individuals with disabilities attain their goals of greater independence. It’s a win-win situation.

Individuals are referred to us by the Dane County Developmental Disabilities Unit within the Human Services Department and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are interested in learning more about our Supported Employment services or would like to employ an individual through our program, please contact our Director of Mission Program Development, Kate Buenger (e-mail or call 608-246-3140, ext. 190).

We are proud that CARF, an internationally recognized accreditor of health and human services providers, has accredited us for our Supported Employment services.

Surveys for Parents/Guardians and Participants

  • Parent/Guardian – If you are a parent/guardian of a Supported Employment participant, please tell us about your experience by filling out a brief online survey.
  • Participant – We value input and feedback from Supported Employment participants. Please tell us about your experience.