New Training Center opens at Goodwill SCWI Home Office

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020 Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin opened a new Training Center at the home office on Madison’s east side. President and CEO Vicki Holschuh addressed attendees  and welcomed them to this space dedicated to continued learning. Classes offered in this new space focus on providing professional development.

Through these programs, individuals invest in themselves with the support of their employer. Goodwill SCWI is committed to helping employees stay relevant in the ever-changing workforce. Classes range from computer essentials and soft skill basics to leadership training and personalized development plans. Ensuring that individuals have access to continued workplace education aligns directly with Goodwill SCWI’s mission of independence through the power of work!

Interested in investing and upskilling your employees? Contact Goodwill SCWI’s Business Partnerships team member Dale Reeves at to talk about training classes offered to the public.