Goodwill SCWI’s #50lb Challenge

Goodwill SCWI is celebrating Earth Day 2021 with the Goodwill SCWI’s Earth Day #50lb Challenge.

Due to the global pandemic, we couldn’t celebrate Earth Day’s milestone anniversary last year. So, this year we’re celebrating Earth Day AND our 50th anniversary in South Central Wisconsin with an event that will help keep the planet green.

We’re challenging individuals, groups, and organizations to donate 50lbs of clothing or other goods to promote global sustainability and help save the planet. Take a photo of your donation and tag @goodwillscwi on social media with the hashtag #50lbChallenge. You’ll have a chance to win one of two gift bags we’re giving away.

According to the EPA, the average Americans throw away about 81 pounds of clothing each year. Those clothes end up in landfills where they pollute the earth and the air. Donating to Goodwill helps keep the planet green by continuing the cycle of good. Through resale and responsible recycling, Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin keeps 16 million pounds of goods out of the local landfill each year. It can’t get much greener than that!

So, gather your 50lbs of goods and head over to your favorite Goodwill!