Donation to Badger Prairie Needs Network

Recognizing an urgent need in the community, Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin has stepped up to help during the coronavirus pandemic by donating about 500 packages of adult diapers to Badger Prairie Needs Network (BPNN) in Verona.

According to Executive Director Marcia Kasieta, BPNN always has a high demand for adult diapers, but rarely have them in stock and rely on the community for donations. She said it was enormously helpful to get the donation at this time more than any other.

“Having a huge contribution that you guys made yesterday is going to see us through server months. And it’s going to be wonderful for our households. For Many of them, buying those sorts of personal essentials is hard on a budget, especially when things are really tight and difficult like right now.”

The BPNN Verona location has seen double the number of households coming for assistance.

“And while we have food to give them, we usually don’t have these types of personal care items. And so people are pretty delighted when they find out that we do. Especially having the variety of sizes, which is really nice,” Kasieta said.

Goodwill SCWI is a new partnership for BPNN. Kasieta said the donation was a way to commence the partnership in a way they hadn’t planned.