Goodwill Madison – Northside

Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin (SCWI) is eagerly anticipating the opening of a new retail store and donation center on Madison’s Northside on September 29.

Renovations began earlier this year on 22,000 square feet of space in the building at 2901 N. Sherman Ave. This will be the tenth Goodwill Store in South Central Wisconsin and brings Goodwill’s signature combination of thrift, community partnership and new employment to the neighborhood.

As many as three dozen jobs will be created at the new location in the Northside TownCenter. Jobs at the new location will include management positions, receiving, sorting and pricing donated items, stocking the floor and working at the cash register. Both part time and full time positions are available.

Talent Acquisition Specialist Dan Zender heads up recruitment for Goodwill SCWI. Zender says Goodwill is committed to being an employer of choice, paying competitive wages, and offering the rewarding experience of supporting services that strengthen the community.
“Goodwill SCWI employees are part of an organization that positively impacts customers, participants, peers and the community,” said Zender. “Many employees speak about the family atmosphere and ability to connect with others who share a similar focus on community.”

In assessing neighborhood needs, the decision was made to incorporate a community room at this location. The space accommodates up to 30 people and may be reserved for community meetings and activities.

“Each of our retail stores is operated with the local community in mind,” said Goodwill SCWI president and CEO Vicki Holschuh. “So we believe our Northside location has a powerful part to play in the stated goals of the Northside Initiatives, particularly as they relate to stability in employment and community connection.”

“Our stores are the economic driver for the mission of Goodwill,” said Holschuh. “With these proceeds, we provide career guidance, supported employment and residential services to people with disabilities, mental health concerns and other barriers to employment and independent living.”

Goodwill SCWI is a local nonprofit. Most donations get resold locally or within the Goodwill SCWI 14-county region. Each region is an independent 501(c)(3) organization.

Celebrating CJ

Staff from Goodwill SCWI joined in the fun at The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company celebrating the 40th birthday of Goodwill participant and Great Dane employee Chris “CJ” Johnson. With support from his Goodwill SCWI job coaches and the generous staff at The Great Dane, CJ has thrived at his job for over 20 years! Happy Birthday, CJ!

The festivities included cake and party hats, along with some of Chris’s favorite activities: karaoke (Roll Out the Barrel is a favorite), the limbo dance, and plenty of hugs.

Goodwill SCWI Supported Employment participant Chris “CJ” Johnson celebrates his 40th birthday at The Great Dane.

The Great Dane also created special glasses in Chris’ honor, imprinting them with his image. Proceeds from sales of those glasses – more than $1,000 – were donated to Goodwill SCWI.

Goodwill SCWI partners with more than 100 local employers who share our belief that everyone can work!

Goodwill SCWI operates retail stores as the economic driver for the mission of Goodwill – a hand up to help people achieve their highest level of independence through the power of work.

Proceeds from the sale of gently-used donated goods funds Goodwill SCWI’s mission to provide career guidance, supported employment and residential services to people with disabilities, mental health concerns and other barriers to employment and independent living.


Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin is pleased to announce the renewal of accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International, an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services providers.

This three-year accreditation for Goodwill’s community housing, employment supports and job development services cements more than 40 years of exceptional service to individuals with disabilities. Goodwill SCWI operates the only CARF-accredited group homes in Madison.

CARF was complimentary of Goodwill SCWI’s exceptional service and reputation.

The supported employment program is led by a team of experienced professionals who have been successful in building relationships with local businesses [leading to] employment opportunities for clients formerly thought of as unlikely candidates for competitive employment.

It is evident that Goodwill Industries of South Central Wisconsin provides excellent supported employment and residential services and is well respected in the community.

A signature benefit of CARF Accreditation for consumers is the determination that a provider is committed to continuously improving service quality and focusing on the satisfaction of the persons served.

Goodwill’s Newly-Refreshed Monona Store has Shoppers Talking

Goodwill Monona – 2501 Royal Avenue

The store at 2501 Royal Ave. in Monona began its transformation in January of this year, and the changes have been embraced by customers and staff alike.

“We’re really pleased with the result,” said store manager Doug Rozak. “We’re better able to manage our inventory and make the store more shoppable.”

Aside from the fresh look of the store, the makeover includes operational improvements as well.

“This was a great opportunity to break down the walls – literally and figuratively – between our retail and donation processes,” Rozak said.

Rozak was previously a retail training manager for the South Central Wisconsin district and is enjoying the opportunity to make use of the concepts he taught to others in the Monona store. Most important he adds, is the opportunity to improve the customer experience.

“That’s really been our focus. We work hard to make our customers feel welcome, and the new look of the store adds to the welcoming atmosphere.”

The store never closed during its renovation, and Rozak says that’s largely due to lots of pre-planning and engaged staff.

“Our staff has been fantastic,” Rozak said. “Everyone worked hard to minimize inconvenience to the customers, and it really paid off.”

Goodwill Monona Manager, Doug Rozak

Rozak says customers have had very positive reactions to the changes.

Assistant Store Manager Lynn Olson-Desch adds that customers have remarked on the improved lighting and more convenient check-out.

Goodwill SCWI President and CEO Vicki Holschuh says the Monona location is a template for the stores in the South Central Wisconsin district which will be updated in the next few years.

The resale of donated goods through the stores is the economic engine for Goodwill SCWI’s community services, accounting for 81 percent of the organization’s revenue. This allows them to operate their mission program of supported employment serving adults with disabilities. When someone donates to their local store, most times, their donation gets resold in that location or within the South Central 14-county region. Each region is a 501 (c) (3).

“We owe it to the people we serve to create a sustainable funding source,” said Holschuh. “The new look of the store signals our intent to be successful in a competitive market.”

The Monona store is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.