Our Code of Ethics

The community and people we serve trust Goodwill based on our long established reputation and integrity. Any misdeed, illegal activity or appearance of impropriety impacts negatively upon all of us. In order to maintain that trust, we agree to voluntarily comply with the guidelines and recommendations set forth in this policy.

As a recipient of charitable contribution, Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin, Inc. recognizes its responsibility to ensure that funds received are used to further its mission and to safeguard the assets of the organization.

In order to uphold the highest standards and ensure the integrity, honesty and reputation of the entirety of the Goodwill movement, we agree to voluntarily comply with the following code of ethics and related financial reporting and business management practices.

Professional Code of Ethics

We affirm our commitment to the following code of ethics based on the values of Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin, Inc. As officers, employees or volunteers we pledge to follow both the letter and the spirit of the following code:

Business Practices
Marketing and Communications Activities
Professional Responsibilities
Contractual Relationships
Service Delivery
Human Resources
Conduct in Regard to Fiscal Management
Procedures to Deal with Allegations of Code of Ethics Breaches

Financial Reporting and Business Management Practices

We recognize that financial reporting and an integrated program of internal controls are key responsibilities of our President and CEO and our CFO. We believe that periodic review of our financial status by our Board of Directors is essential and an integral part of their duties. We further recognize that an annual independent examination and assessment of our finances under the supervision of our audit committee is a key element in maintaining our credibility and ensuring the safeguarding of our assets.

Financial Statements
Internal Controls
Annual Audit
Audit Committee
Whistle Blower Protection
Conflict of Interest
Document Destruction
Certification of Form 990