5 Items to Elevate Your Space

Whether you’ve just moved into a new apartment or you’re looking to make your house a home, you’re in need of these 5 important items. Because you know you want to shout, “Hey world, I’ve got style!”

  1. Welcome Mat

Let’s start at the very beginning, the front door. Truly welcome your guests with style as unique as you are. Defining a space with a simple 2×3 foot mat gives you a boost of color and serves functionality to keep your home clean. If you live in an apartment you may want to choose a softer woven mat for a hallway entrance.  Plus, they’re easy to throw in the wash and clean!


  1. Dish Set

Nothing says you’ve got this adulting thing down like a cohesive set of dishes! Pro Tip: mix n’ match like colors and patterns to create a unique set of dishware.







  1. Curtains

It’s amazing how a pair of curtains can transform a room. They bring a level of sophistication at an affordable cost. This is a great solution for renters, too. Hate your plastic blinds? Camouflage them with curtain panels. You’ll keep your privacy and add style instantly.







  1. Shelving

You’ve got stuff. Books, vases, frames, odds and ends…contain the chaos! Look at the scale of your space, can it fit a large bookshelf? Would it accommodate a smaller corner shelf? Take an inventory of your items and an honest look at the size of your space. Find just the right shelving unit and curate until your hearts content. Your items will look purposeful and be more useful when properly displayed.







  1. Candles

Candles aren’t just a soothing glow, they’re another light source. Candles are a super simple and super affordable way to add a second light source in a room. And adding multiple light sources is a next level adulting!







Adding items 1 through 5 will without a doubt elevate your home. Plus, you’ll be completely unique with carefully curated items from your Goodwill SCWI. Find your store and transform your style today.