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Employment-related Services

Career Center

The Goodwill Career Center is open to the public. Its services are FREE and include:

- Access to high-speed Internet to search for jobs and community programs and services
- Help creating résumés, cover letters, and thank you letters
- An opportunity to increase interviewing skills by participating in mock job interviews
- A safe and supportive environment

The center is located at 6291 McKee Road, in Fitchburg. It is accessible via Madison Metro route 52. Its hours are 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Click here to view our holiday hours of operation.) You can reach our Career Center Manager, Pam Johnson, via e-mail and by calling 608-268-5175.

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Please tell us about your experience by filling out a brief, online survey.

Online Job Search and Career Assistance

GoodProspects is a Goodwill Industries International-supported website where job seekers can get FREE help:

- Creating résumés and cover letters
- Finding job openings
- Applying for positions
- Preparing for a job interview

The GoodProspects site also provides access to helpful information for those who want assistance for long-term career and financial success. The site can help you:

- Assess your skills
- Explore career paths
- Understand your training and education options
- Build your network
- Strengthen workplace relationships
- Improve your financial skills

No matter which type of assistance you are looking for, you can request one-on-one assistance from a virtual mentor and/or post questions in the site’s community forums.

While the GoodProspects website provides a wealth of helpful information, some may want to receive free face-to-face assistance from staff at the Goodwill Career Center located at 6291 McKee Road in Fitchburg.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a nationally recognized approach to helping people with significant disabilities find and maintain employment.

After carefully assessing an individual’s skills and matching him or her to an employer, Goodwill staff then supplement the employer’s regular training and supervision — at no cost to the employer — until the employee’s performance meets expectations. Goodwill provides assistance in identifying and arranging job modifications and reasonable accommodations, if needed, and provides ongoing follow up until both the individual and the employer are satisfied with the job placement. Even then we continue our involvement as needed to ensure long-term success. In fact, the average length of employment for persons placed through this program is over eight years.

Supported Employment helps local employers save recruitment and training costs, reduce turnover, expand and diversify their workforce, and find the enthusiastic workers they are looking for. In turn, employers help individuals with disabilities attain their goals of independence. It’s a win-win situation.

Examples of jobs currently supported include light clerical work, assembly, food service, stocking, janitorial, messenger, and mailroom work. Hours worked per week range from two to 40. All employees earn minimum wage or higher.

Individuals are referred to us by the Dane County Developmental Disabilities Unit within the Human Services Department and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

If you are interested in learning more about our supported employment services, please contact our Director of Workforce Development, Tom Grunder (email or call 608-246-3140, ext. 190).

We are proud that CARF, an internationally recognized accreditation body, has accredited us for our Supported Employment services. Click here for more information.

Surveys for Parents/Guardians and Participants

check markParent/Guardian - If you are a parent/guardian of a Supported Employment participant, please tell us about your experience by filling out a brief online survey. Click here.

check markParticipant - We value input and feedback from Supported Employment participants. Click here and tell us about your

Work Experience Services

Goodwill's Work Experience services provide individuals who are seeking employment an opportunity to establish a recent work reference, acquire general work skills, and reinforce positive work habits while working at a Goodwill site. Individuals are referred to us by agencies such as Forward Service Corporation, through the Wisconsin Works (W-2) Program, and the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

For more information about our Work Experience services, please contact our Director of Workforce Development, Tom Grunder (email or call 608-246-3140, ext. 190).

Post-Secondary Academic Support for Success (PASS)

Through the Post-Secondary Academic Support for Success (PASS) program, an educational support specialist from Goodwill provides extra support to Madison College students with disabilities so that they can progress as far as possible through their course of study, in addition to having the valuable experience of participating in college with peers. The extra educational support may include monitoring class assignments and/or attendance, time-management assistance, direct teaching/review, and communication with college faculty. This service is important because it is documented that people with disabilities who have even a few college credits have higher rates of employment as well as higher average wages.

The PASS program is a Think College initiative and is provided in collaboration with the Madison College Disability Service Resource Office.

For more information about the PASS program, please contact our Director of Workforce Development, Tom Grunder (email or call 608-246-3140, ext. 190).

Co-Employment Program

The Co-Employment Program gives people with disabilities who are living independently the option to recruit, hire, train, and supervise their personal caregivers. Acting as co-employer, Goodwill handles many management-related duties, such as recruitment, interviewing, and the legal documentation involved in the hiring process.

If you would like more information about this program, please contact our Co-Employment Coordinator, Bonny Lyons (email or call 608-246-3140, ext. 153.)